Blog 1- Ch 1&2: The Zodiac

From Chapter 2, we learned about how the zodiac symbols are derived from the constellations that are along the ecliptic. As the Earth orbits around the sun, different constellations are visible. The Babylonians set the zodiac signs over 3,000 years ago in correlation with their 12 month calendar. While we still use the same time frame for determining things such as your zodiac sign, it is no longer accurate. The sky as we see it is different than the sky the Babylonians due to a shift in the Earth’s axis (North Pole). It does not point in the same celestial direction that it once did, so while you might think you are a Sagittarius, you might be a Capricorn instead!

Photo Courtesy of EarthSky

2 thoughts on “Blog 1- Ch 1&2: The Zodiac

  1. If the zodiac signs were invented today, I wonder if we would conjure up for the figures? The constellation of the laptop? The airplane? It would be a funny exercise!


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